About Me

Hello, I’m Nephele. By day I work a publishing job — I’m a literary agent with The Knight Agency and blog about that over here — and all the rest of the time I try to squeeze in some personal, non-work related reading, otherwise referred to as “books with covers.” One of my primary resolutions for 2015 was to read more books for pleasure, a goal which led to the creation of this blog to help keep me accountable. In addition, I’m aiming to work my way through more classics, which I love but seem to have stopped reading in recent years, and to try to make a sizable dent in the collection of books I already own, since at last count I had well over 200 unread books in my apartment. (Don’t ask how many over 200; I hit 200 and stopped counting in despair.)

In addition to being a bookworm, I love going to the movies, cooking, and traveling whenever possible. I’m a sometime runner who has been known to run the occasional half-marathon, and getting back in the habit is another goal for the year, if for no other reason than to counteract the sitting time required by my primary resolutions. But these other loves will take a back burner on this blog, where the focus is the world of books.

Review Policy

Since my primary goal for starting this blog was to read books collecting dust on my shelves, I am not accepting any requests to review new releases at this time. Books reviewed on this site are either my own personal copies (purchased myself or given to me as a gift) or borrowed from the library.

Comments Policy

Comments are currently open but moderated for first-time posters. I welcome conversation about the books I’m reading and reviewing here, as well as recommendations for other titles that might be to my taste. Book talk makes me very happy, as long as everyone remains respectful of each other’s views and opinions. Hostile or solely self-promotional posts will be deleted.